Plantivity introduces Plant-Connect at ASLA 2014


Linking Landscape Architects and the Nursery Industry

(November 20, 2014) Plantivity, LLC announced today a new support service designed to link landscape architects and the nursery industry. Plant-Connect is the industry’s first program created to build a better dialogue between the two critical sections of the landscape industry.

According to Katy Hiatt, Plantivity President, “There is little to no communication between these two critical sections of the landscape industry. Now that I work with the growing side of the industry I know that both sides seem to get equally frustrated with each other. Plant-Connect is just the solution to this problem and it is designed to benefit everyone.”

Plant-Connect provides Landscape Architects with a direct link to what is currently growing in the field and forecasts what will be available in the seasons and years ahead. Using Plant-Connect, Landscape Architects have access to the information that will help the entire process from design to installation flow smoother creating less delays in construction, and less time on substitutions and the plant selection process.

Conversely, Plant-Connect keeps the growers abreast of what Landscape Architects are designing for future projects and what will be needed in the field when these projects are installed. Growers are always asking, “What should we be lining out?” Plant-Connect will now make it easy to ensure that all sides of the industry are prepared to be successful.

This year, Plantivity will launch the first phase of Plant-Connect so that Landscape Architects and Nursery Growers will have access through the company’s website to relevant and helpful information. The program is simple: an online sign-up qualifies both Landscape Architects and Growers for registration. A web form assists the user with the inquiry. All responses are delivered within 72 hours.

“We have big visions for what Plant-Connect will enable this industry to do,” added Stefan Hiatt, Plantivity’s COO.

Plantivity will be discussing Plant-Connect and registering Landscape Architects during the ASLA Conference in Denver, November 21-24, 2014, in Booth #536. To schedule an appointment, contact: [email protected]



About Plantivity

Plantivity is a Golden, CO based plant distributor. The company’s goal is to link the gap between the design field and growing industry, develop long lasting relationships with customers and suppliers, and provide high quality plant material at competitive prices. Let Plantivity be the partner at your side for:

Plant Procurement – Plantivity confirms and verifies quality in the field and will hand tag plants to the specification for quality and grade assurance. Plantivity supplies whips and liners, perennials, container evergreen and deciduous shrubs, B&B evergreen and deciduous shrubs, evergreen and deciduous trees container and B&B, as well as very large specimen trees and will organize contract grows for large orders.

Freight Logistics – Plantivity organizes orders and arranges all freight for their customers inventory or projects, saving them time and money.

Horticultural Resource – Plant-Connect: providing the timely and relevant information

Landscape Architects and Growers need to be successful, working together to better service the landscape community.

Plantivity can be found on the internet at, and on Facebook and Twitter – for the latest updates in what’s growing.