Our services

 Plantivity supplies high quality plants to wholesale and retail nurseries, landscape contractors and municipalities. We are plant logistics masters. We find and distribute the best trees, shrubs and perennials grown in the US and Canada. We also provide high quality liners to growers and can contract grow plants for future jobs. We assist landscape architects in plant selection and substitutions. Let us take care of all of your purchasing and logistics needs so you can focus on what you do best.

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Our longstanding relationships with an extensive network of specialty growers means we are able to offer a vast selection and deliver the specific plants for your needs, on time and on budget.

We make several visits to our growers each year. In these visits we hand tag material, confirm quality and discuss the most innovative growing techniques so that our customers receive the best stock possible.


Our unique combination of experience allows us to provide expert advice on purchasing, substitution options and material selection.

  • Wholesale and retail nursery experience
  • Extensive growing experience
  • Commercial and high-end residential landscape design experience


We value each of our customers and pride ourselves on developing quality, long-term personal relationships. Our clients appreciate saving time and money by allowing us to procure plant material, organize their orders, and arrange freight for their inventory or projects. We are rooted in your success and ready to help you grow!

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